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Jaipan Fruits & Vegetable Wash


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  • Removes Harmful Bacteria: Helps in removing all the impurities pesticide, insecticides, chemicals, sand, oils, dirt, wax etc.
  • Keeps Fruits Fresh: When you wash of the impurities and chemicals reacting on the surface of vegetables, you can increase their shelf life and keep them fresh for a longer period of time.
  • The vegetable and fruit cleaner is a formula made with food-grade ingredients to clean the veggies and fruit in just one minute. It keeps them healthy and fresh for a longer time.
  • 100% safe ingredients , it gives a hygienic shield to the fruits and vegetables.
  • Pack of 1 (375 ML)
  • Additional Information

    • Removes Pesticides & Chemicals
    • Removes Germs & Bacteria
    • Removes Dirt & Dust
    • Removes Virus & Pathogens
    • Removes Waxes & Preservatives 

    Product description

    Jaipan Fruits & Vegetable wash is a solution that removes all surface contaminants from Fruits & Vegetables(F&V), like Dirt and Mud; Germs, Viruses and Bacteria; Pesticides and Preservatives; Chemicals ; Waxes etc. As Sodium Oleate is the active ingredient and effective emulsifier, Veg Wash will be an effective and safe way to clean F&V of viruses! Apart from removing all the surface contaminants it leaves behind no residue on the F&V. Jaipan Fruits & Vegetables is manufactured with Food Grade ingredients which are very effective, yet safe cleansers , due to which it causes no harm if consumed inadvertently. Jaipan Fruits & Vegetable wash is also an effective general kitchen cleaner and can be used for bottles, kitchen platform, refrigerator, etc. and due to its non-toxic nature it is safe to use around infants and pregnant women.

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